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About Stéphanie

As founder and CEO of Growth - Life & Health Coaching, life and health purpose coach Stéphanie Johnson has always believed that all healing takes place on a universal level.

This philosophy was something that came to Stéphanie innately. As an empath, Stéphanie knew she was on the right path to fulfill her soul's purpose and wanted to complete her studies to help guide others dealing with many of today’s issues. With that intention in her heart, she attended the Health Coaching Institute and earned her certification in both Health and Life Coaching.

Stéphanie noticed that today’s fast-paced life hadn’t left any room for self-awareness. As she puts it, “Without knowing your true feelings or desires, finding yourself and happiness is a guessing game.”

She can tune in and feel what the client is feeling, and by asking the right questions, it allows the client to discover what is holding them back. Making transformations and breakthroughs is the reason Stéphanie chose this particular path.

Unlocking her clients’ dreams is Stéphanie’s niche, simply because most lack introspection, and in turn, their dreams are locked up or non-existent. Stéphanie credits her years of coaching and stands strong that healing happens from the inside out. The issues experienced by people today require a spiritual element and guidance from someone who is soul-centered and has conscious awareness; someone who has the education and knows how to interpret it.

Stéphanie is currently writing a manifestation journal & is creating an online course called “Manifesting my greatest life .”

Stéphanie is happily married to her soulmate Brad. They have three sons, two dogs, lots of fish and a bearded dragon and reside in Ottawa, Canada. Stéphanie enjoys exercising, writing, skating, and spending time with her family.

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