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About Valerie

I specialize working with high-achieving women who are passionate about making a positive impact in the world and care deeply about others, especially their children and their future.

Clients often find me when they are striving to increase their impact or pursue their dreams and are feeling:
* Stressed about making the right decisions
* Anxious about getting everything done
* Worried about letting people down
* Frustrated by reactions they can’t seem to shift

Our work together helps them:
* Understand their reactions and shift sabotaging patterns in their life
* Make clear choices that move them forward with greater confidence
* Maximize their time, energy, and impact
* Be more fully present, do more of what they love, and enjoy life more

I work with clients both privately and in groups. I periodically offer pay what you can workshops and have many free resources on my website.

About me: I’m a Certified Professional Coach focused on life and business alignment with a background of over 20 years in science and spiritually based personal development. That background includes life coach certification, mediation training, a Bachelors in sociology, studies in co-dependency healing and habit shifting, and experience with a variety of spiritual discernment practices. I’m also the host of the Unlimited podcast, and a wife, mom of two, sci-fi/fantasy nerd, and creative spirit.

My philosophy: I believe that to shift the patterns that create imbalances in the world we must first engage the internalized patterns that limit us in our own lives. This self-work not only expands the impact of our work in the world but also creates more intentional, present, and joyful relationships in all areas of our life.

I uphold that Black Lives Matter, trans women are women, and reproductive rights are human rights.

  • Illinois, United States
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Energy Leadership Master Practitioner
Who I Help
  • business owners
  • creatives
  • entrepreneurs
  • executives
  • high-achievers
  • mothers
  • multi-passionates
  • women