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Natalie Chalmers

Relationship expert helping driven, self-aware women create a deeply connected relationship with the man they love (without becoming his therapist or coach)


About Natalie

Hi đź‘‹ I'm Natalie Chalmers and I'm a compassionate change catalyst, utter relationship nerd, and a deeply sensitive highly intuitive, neurodivergent woman, doing the conventional things (like my own 8+ year relationship and even parenting my teens) in unconventional ways.

I help strong, driven, self-aware women create a connected and deeply fulfilling relationship with the man they love, without becoming his coach or therapist, even if he’s not into self development work himself.

I know you’re very driven and your life is very busy, but I also know that you’re willing to make the time and space needed to do the work that’ll take you towards the vision you have for your future, your relationship and your family.

And nothing, no amount of busyness, will stop you from doing all that you can to make sure that your children have the very best opportunities and success in their lives.

Perhaps you’ve already been exploring conscious parenting and you can see what a difference that’s made to your children and you want to wholeheartedly steer your family in that direction. But not having you and your husband on the same page is now a real problem. And for you two to not be working together, not only as a coparenting team, but as friends who show your kids what real love can look like, the love you see relationship experts online talking about, is gnawing away at you and you’re ready to do what it takes to change that.

Because, although you know that your relationship is a two way street, you also know the power of one person changing their energy, their consciousness, and their actions, and you’ve always been the person to take action when you know what action to take.

You can’t control him or what he does or doesn’t do. Whether or not he does his work or the way he does it. But you can take 100% responsibility for how you show up. For the partner and woman you are. And I admire that about you.

You know he’s not the problem even though you’re frustrated or disappointed in him or how he shows up with you. But you also know that conscious relationship work is about what you can do. What you’re missing despite all your soul searching and journalling or even therapy. What is in your power to see and address? What is the gap that you’re responsible for?

This is my speciality. Helping you clearly and compassionately understand the gap between where you are and where you know you’re heading, but just can’t quite get there with the tools you have or with the obstacle in your way that you haven’t been able to pin down and so haven’t been able to resolve yet. And once we pin it down, you’ll do deep personal development and healing work on the right and most relevant issue in a safe and compassionate container, as well as learn practical, simple to apply, relational skills it’s easy to not realise you’re missing or needing to tweak.

I’d love to support you on this journey, so reach out to me and we’ll arrange a chat to see if we’d be a good fit to work together.


  • United Kingdom
Who I Help
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  • Entrepreneurs
  • Free Range Thinkers
  • High Performers
  • Leaders
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