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Natalie Chalmers

Transformational relationship expert helping successful, quietly rebellious women create a wildly joyful relationship with the man they love


About Natalie

Hi 👋 I'm Natalie Chalmers and I'm a compassionate change catalyst, utter relationship nerd, and a deeply sensitive highly intuitive, neurodivergent woman, doing the conventional things (like my own 9+ year relationship and even parenting my teens) in unconventional ways.

I help successful, quietly rebellious women who love to optimise every aspect of their life, create a wildly joyful relationship with the man they love, taking a good relationship with a good man from ‘good’ to extraordinary.

You’re likely very driven and your life is very busy, but I also know that you’re willing to make the time and space needed to do the work that’ll take you towards the vision you have for your future, your relationship and your family.

And nothing, no amount of busyness, will stop you from doing all that you can to make sure that your children have the very best opportunities and success in their lives.

Perhaps you’ve already been exploring conscious parenting and you can see what a difference that’s made to your children and you want to wholeheartedly steer your family in that direction.

And you wonder if there are areas of your marriage that you've not yet realised could also be optimised? Is ‘good’ good enough, or would you like to explore how to elevate your relationship to an extraordinary love (yes! even if you’ve been together for years 😁).

Being a harmonious coparenting team, playful and caring friends who show your kids what real love can look like, and passionate lovers who fall in love with each other again and again over the years, letting that delicious revived life force spill into your mission-led work in the world, whatever form that takes!

Although you know that your relationship is a two way street where you both do your work in whatever ways are right for each of you, you also know the power of one person intentionally changing their energy, their consciousness, and their actions, and you’ve always been the person to take action when you know what action to take.

You know what it’s like to take 100% responsibility for how you show up. To be the partner and woman you know is possible. And I admire that about you.

Conscious relationship work is about what you can do. And you wonder if, despite your commitment to deep work, to journalling, or even to therapy, there might be a few small things in your blindspot that if seen and embraced and transformed, could make this next phase of your life and relationship even more enlivening and truly extraordinary?

This is my speciality. Helping you clearly and compassionately understand the gap between where you are and where you feel in your heart and soul you’re heading, but just can’t quite get to with everything you know and the tools you already have. Just because we think “we should be able to figure this out and optimise it on our own” doesn’t make it true and everyone can do with mentors with the right expertise and experience at the right time on this journey.

Together we’ll explore your deepest yearnings and even those hidden dreams you’ve put aside because you think “he wouldn’t..” or “we can’t..” and we’ll do it in the safest ways that won’t rock what you have that is already good. Once we pin down what the next level of your journey to extraordinary is, you’ll do guided and supported deep personal development and healing work on the right and most relevant issues (not just talking and insights, but genuine, profound transformational work), mindset shifts where needed, as well as learn new, innovative and practical, simple to apply, ways of relating that it’s easy to not realise you’re missing or needing to tweak to take your relational skills to the next level.

I’d love to support you on this journey, so reach out to me and arrange a chat to see if we’d be a good fit to work together.


  • United Kingdom
Who I Help
  • Ambitious women
  • Changemakers
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Emotionally reactive women
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Free Range Thinkers
  • Highly conscientious woman
  • High Performers
  • Leaders
  • Liminal People
  • Maximizers
  • Mothers
  • Multi-Passionate People
  • Quietly rebellious
  • Recovering people pleasers
  • Self Development Enthusiasts
  • Therapists
  • Visionaries
  • Women