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Erin Harmon

I help people take control of their finances and learn to live with intention.


About Erin

Let's talk money - it's basically my favorite subject! When my husband and I welcomed our first daughter in 2013 I found myself experiencing anxiety, losing sleep, and feeling like crap about the debt we had and the general ambiguousness I felt about our finances. I had a lot of big dreams, like not living paycheck to paycheck, having a big emergency fund, buying a house in the Bay Area...but I just didn't see how to make that happen.

By January 2015 I had had enough of waiting for things to get better and decided to take control of our future. We invested our time, energy, and some money into figuring our finances out! We enrolled in a course that taught us how to budget, prioritize, and live within our means - even in the high priced San Francisco Bay Area - and quickly paid off our debt, saved up our emergency fund, had a couple more kids, and saved up a down payment on our first house! We learned so much in those first few years but the way we did it FELT very restrictive. In 2019 I discovered life coaching and learned how to use my thoughts, which influenced my feelings, to make things feel easier and manageable. I learned how our habit brain is always trying to keep us safe - and small. Life became so much more enjoyable!

In 2021 after seeing monumental changes in our finances and in the power of life coaching and mindset I started Tranquil Finances to help you get ahold of your finances and your brain to help you create the life and money of your dreams!

  • California, United States
  • Ramsey Certified Master Financial Coach
Who I Help
  • Couples
  • Everyone
  • Families
  • Womem