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Valerie Louis

I help people expand their capacity so they can be more of who they want to be


About Valerie

​HI! I’m Valerie (she/they). I work with Phenomenal People who care about our world to be more resourced, regulated, trauma-resilient, and spiritually-responsible. With decades of training in the social and sacred arts, I bring both sensitivity and rigor, along with the social and spiritual analysis to our work together.

I can help you sidestep relentless, toxic positivity, avoid spiritual bypassing, and release the cultural binary that stops you from claiming your complexity, wholeness, human-ness, and individual spiritual expression.

For you this means I’m not going to pave over your lived experience and I won’t ask you to metaphysically transcend your humanity.

I’m a companion, a guide, and a catalyst for your self awareness, spiritual practice, and your spiritually responsible leadership. We work together with the tools of nuance, discernment, paradox, and connection to lead you to wholeness, embodied spirituality, and embracing your complexity.

  • Ohio, United States
  • Certified Internal Family Systems Practitioner
  • Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach
  • Ordained Reverend through the Healing Light Center
  • PhD in Educational Studies
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner-in-Training (through Advanced 1)