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About Humaira

I am a Purpose-Driven Mindset Coach, committed to supporting Self-conscious folks to stretch their comfort zone, overcome shyness, mental blocks, & limiting beliefs, find their focus and clarity so as to reach their Personal & Professional Excellence, and ultimately transform into leaders they aspire to become.

I use my signature framework of Growth Mindset Coaching & ZEN Practices for embodying transformational growth to heal multiple forms of alienation allowing broader, deeper & lasting changes to happen, by setting small achievable milestones and strategies to achieve them and ultimately living their life purpose.

With my personal journey of transformation from hiding behind the door to opening the doors of possibilities for others; I am committed to helping people explore their true potentials and inner wisdom, envision what's possible on the other side of their Comfort Zone; and walk the road from “shying to shine” I believe in Playing small but Playing smart

  • Japan
  • Certified Hypnotherapy Practioner
  • Certified Transformational Leadership Coach
  • Certified ZEN Practioner
  • ICF- PCC
  • NLP Coaching Certified
  • Strategic Mind-Maping Practioner
Who I Help
  • People considering career shifts
  • People stuck with their goals & priorities
  • People with Imposters Syndrome
  • Self-Concious individuals