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Tracey Steady Hardcastle

Recovering from childlessness isn't easy, and it's next to impossible to do alone. Fortunately, you're not alone.


About Tracey

Dr. Tracey Steady Hardcastle, (Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine) has been fascinated by all aspects of health and the ways that they interrelate for as long as she can remember. As a student and practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for almost 2 decades, Tracey has been honored to hold safe space for others, and continues to do so in both her in-person and online businesses.

In early 2020, after a series of miscarriages, Tracey found herself in crisis physically and emotionally. These losses accelerated the next steps on her journey toward wellness and wholeness. She was fortunate enough to find the tools and support she needed, and now is delighted to provide them to others on the challenging path of childlessness.

For group work, Tracey utilizes Neurolinguistic Programming, and Trauma-Aware Transformational Coaching Techniques to create change in a safe, supportive community environment. For intensive individual work, Tracey also utilizes meditative Gestalt and forgiveness practices, as well as coaching for metabolic and hormonal balance. Tracey has guided clients toward deep levels of healing and thriving, something many of them thought they could never achieve.

  • Massachusetts, United States