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About Camil

Multiply neurodivergent (ADHDer and autistic), student at heart and a math and tech geek, with more than 16 years of experience as an academic, educator, mentor, and curriculum developer at both university and school level.

I am from Puerto Rico, born and raised (Boricua de pura cepa) and this is where Harmonic Divergence is based. After living in the diaspora for more than 8 years, I decided to come back. My dream was always to raise my family here and to find a way of doing more for my community.

It's been more than 7 years since I came back and I've been able to support my community in a variety of ways; as an educator, advocate, parent, mentor/coach. I’ve experienced firsthand a dire need for education around neurodiversity in Puerto Rico and beyond. I've seen how neurodivergent individuals struggle as a consequence of living in a society that still has lots to learn about how to accommodate, embrace and support neurodivergence.

Because of this, I said, ‘enough is enough’, it was time for me to do something concrete to generate a positive change. It was time for me to use my experience as an educator, neurodivergent person, and parent of neurodivergent kids to help build a neuroinclusive society. This is why Harmonic Divergence was created.

My journey started as an undiagnosed neurodivergent child, navigating school, career, and parenthood. Not understanding my own brain, and lacking the support, it was tough to navigate a neurotypical world. I learned (and I am still learning) how to build systems around my unique brain wiring.

As we move through the different stages of life, our responsibilities, goals and priorities shift, strategies that worked as a student might not work when you start a career or start a family. I struggled with this first hand when I realized that the systems I had in place that helped me succeed as a student were not the ones as a parent of neurodivergent children or in my career. This is why I've continued to learn and modify my toolbox to match the current needs and goals and I would like to help you do the same.

Camil Aponte, PhD (they/them)
ADDCA Associate Certified Coach (AACC)
Founder of Harmonic Divergence

  • Puerto Rico
  • AACC (ADDCA Associate Certified Coach)
  • University of Washington PhD in Mathematics
Who I Help
  • ADHDers
  • Adults
  • Autistic
  • College Students
  • English Speaking
  • Family
  • High Schoolers
  • neurodivergent individuals
  • Parents
  • Spanish speaking
  • Teens