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About Saif

Saif Al Rawahi (Founder of Smart Approach Fitness) helps women who have tried everything without success. He helps them find their specific formula to transform & achieve the body of their dreams.
Everyone is unique and you should not train and eat the same way as everyone else. You must find a formula that suits YOU, your body, and your lifestyle.

Saif has over 8 years of experience with online and in-person training and has helped hundreds of men and women transform. Whether you're looking to lose fat, gain muscle mass, or work on a particular body part, Saif has got you.

"As a coach, I'm sick and tired of the bro-science false information that makes you run on a hamster wheel. I'm sick and tired of the fake supplements that are marketed to you with a promise of a bikini body in 30 days. These supplements do nothing but give you the most expensive pee in town."

This is exactly why Saif specializes in coaching women to lose fat, tone up, and sculpt without endless cardio or restrictive diets.

  • Oman
Who I Help
  • Women