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About Nakita

I meet cyou exactly where you are at in your life joirney, and we go at your pace. I use proven strategies from NLP, Jungian Psychology and holistic health to help you learn how to take the steps to improve your life . We do root work and release the past to put into action the goals and outcomes with resources you need to move forward with more energy, happiness and motivation.
For more information, listen to this audio interview of Nakita Savant:

  • Minnesota, United States
  • BioEnergetic Practitioner
  • Career Coach
  • Certified Therapeutic Coach
  • Education Leadership
  • Health Coach
  • NLP
  • Transformational Life Coach
Who I Help
  • adults
  • anxiety
  • athletes
  • Better health
  • Better sleep
  • business
  • career change
  • career development
  • college students
  • Divorce
  • entreprenuers
  • family issues
  • financial stress
  • health issues
  • health providers
  • loneliness
  • Mothers
  • motivation
  • Obsessive thinking
  • relationships
  • relationship stress
  • senior age
  • spirituality
  • stress
  • weight issues