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Henry Lam

Friendly and Funny ADHD Coach with ADHD


About Henry

Greetings, I’m Henry and I’m an ADHDer, ADHD coach, and comedian.

Like many ADHDers, I was unhappy, frustrated, and lost.

No one understood me, not even 10 therapists.

When I got diagnosed with Adult ADHD, I became obsessed with curing it.

Then In 2021, I started my ADHD coaching journey at the ADHD Coaching Academy and the Life Purpose Institute.

I enjoy helping college students, creatives, and the highly gifted.

I apply my love of human knowledge, and comedy to get them results.

I look forward to helping you!

  • California, United States
  • 60 Hours Life Coaching
  • ADDCA Simply ADHD 101
Who I Help
  • adults
  • asians
  • career
  • college students
  • entrepreneurs
  • grad students
  • professionals
  • students