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Stephanye Raechel

To love authentically vs synthetically


About Stephanye

Stephanye (Stephan-YAY) Raechel founder and CEO of Mind Language. Mind Language links minds with high performance individuals who are committed to being the best version of themselves at an accelerated rate, are eager to achieve without resistance to heavily investing. Dedicated to leaving the family a legacy of friendships, connections, and extended family for generations to come, Stephanye’s private clients have direct access to her 100% of the time during their programs and for eternity through her signature mind linking method.

Stephan-YAY is creating, nurturing, and supporting 2 beautiful humans and currently resides in Minneapolis, MN. An extraordinarily handsome and intelligent young man. As well as a young princess, who aspires to be similar to her unforgettable mother. Originally from Green Bay, WI. She is a die hard Packer Backing Cheese Head as it is a prerequisite of originating from Green Bay. The leadership of Vince Lombardi still runs strong. “This is a football.”

Stephanye is committed to self development and implements what she learns after having fun testing out new ideas. Making a game of growing and creating our own desired reality. She also teaches her children first hand what she has learned on a daily basis to aid in their personal development and her goal to raise phenomenal humans!

“Your awareness is more valuable than all the diamonds in the Universe.”

~ Stephanye Raechel

  • Minnesota, United States