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About Kim

I am a licensed therapist turned relationship and life coach. I have nearly 15 years experience working with individuals and families. My coaching practice focuses on helping you identify your attachment patterns and how they are negatively impacting your relationships. We will work through unresolved shame, become expert at conflict and repair, and finally earn a secure connection with your partner.

In addition to relationship coaching, I coach parents of children under age 10 on everything from discipline strategy, sleep habits, nutrition, and family culture. Raising young children does not have to come with frustration and fatigue. Many parents find that implementing a few small but significant changes to their lifestyles can create a simpler and more harmonious home.

Finally, staying true to my therapy roots, I love working with adults who struggle with low self-worth, anxiety, and depression. There is a far too well-kept secret about these issues that I can share with you. This secret unlocks the path toward living the life you crave.

In all of my work, I believe you will find a safe space to process your pain and be supported on your journey toward healthier relationships and a more grounded life.

  • Missouri, United States
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
Who I Help
  • Adults
  • Couples
  • Parents