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About Iskra

I hold space for purpose-driven entrepreneurs to acquire clarity and confidence to be their authentic self and pursue a vision to make a bigger impact - as coaches, healers, public speakers.

I use holistic integrated methods to create and maintain the mind-body-soul balance.

My clients develop great self-awareness, change their internal dialogue, and start showing up in different areas of their life. They feel empowered to honour their needs and set boundaries while expressing themselves authentically using empathic communication.

Some of my clients have become TEDx speakers, others launched their first group coaching programs or female support circles, while for others the biggest impact has been the repaired family relationships.

In my previous career expression I was an executive film producer (my film production company is still up and running, led by my elder son), a senior advertising strategist for some of the top worldwide brands, an e-commerce entrepreneur and a jewellery and accessories designer.

I practice taichi, qigong and meditation since 1996 and have participated in national and European championships on martial arts.

I am the founder of Clarity and Confidence Academy, the creator of the ShowUP! process for self-empowerment and the owner of the FB community for heart-centred entrepreneurs "Thrive with joy and confidence".

  • Bulgaria
  • Bowen therapist
  • Energy Chakra Reading practitioner
  • MSc in computer science
  • Reiki Master
  • Sacred Money Archetypes Coach
  • Spiritual Life Coach
Who I Help
  • authors
  • coaches
  • entrepreneurs
  • healers
  • leaders
  • speakers
  • therapists