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About Tanisha

Two people call me Mommy, one handsome guy calls me wife and founding member of Tomorrow's People Consulting Firm. I am Tanisha, a passionate individual who is driven to empower those around me to thrive. I realized that the best athletes, performers, and leaders all have one thing in common – they dedicate themselves to improving by partnering with a coach.​

Tomorrow's People Consulting Firm is a full service therapeutic practice, dedicated to being a part of your story. Here at Tomorrow's People, we have a platform of coaches with a variety of specialties and expertise ready to help, facilitate the support you need.
We have on staff: life coaches, business coaches, career coaches, health coaches, marriage counselors, relationship coaches and counselors, personal trainers and a mental health counselor on staff.

We all took a different path to get where we are, and at Tomorrow's People, we believe your therapeutic journey should be just as unique. Across all of our services, we take the time to understand your experiences, values and aspirations so we can help you meet your goals.

  • Delaware, United States