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Nathan Sweeting

Master yourself and you'll master your life!


About Nathan

Nathan L. Sweeting is a life coach, author, professional speaker and the founder of NLS Global.

He empowers individuals and audiences to achieve self mastery and break free from negative mindsets, disempowering emotions, and destructive habits and behaviors.

He coaches and teaches through his own life transformations of overcoming a serious self-management problem where he ...

Procrastinated a lot, was controlled by an 18-year smoking addiction, was a functioning alcoholic, could not control his own anger, was terrified of public speaking, was overweight and unhealthy, unhappy most of the time, could not get past insecurities, and had no clue about his purpose and goals in life.

Focusing on self mastery changed all of that for him and he helps his clients to do the same.

He has published 2 books and teaches several personal development courses at two local colleges in the Bahamas - where he was born and currently lives.

He has over 8 years of experience in corporate and individual ... training, development and life coaching; and has given hundreds of keynote speeches both locally and internationally.

Nathan holds several certifications, including:
• Certified Life Coach
• Certified Health Coach
• Certified Youth Leader
• Certified International Bodybuilding & Fitness Judge
• Corporate Wellness Specialist
• Professional Workshop Facilitator

You can find out more about Nathan at

  • Bahamas
  • Certified Health Coach
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Youth Leader
Who I Help
  • Working Professionals and Students