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About Laura

I help Empaths, late-diagnosed Neurodivergents, and Spiritual Seekers find peace with themselves and what makes them different. Self-acceptance is the natural outcome when you find meaning in your differences, heal unhealthy patterns, and learn to manage your energy.

Intuitive energy healing and spiritual mentorship sessions made for empaths to heal the wounds you got from living as a sensitive person in a harsh world. Each session is different and meets you where you are and brings you closer to your true self.

The Vital Spirit offers stand-alone sessions known as Quantum Alignment sessions, a 12-session Empath Apprenticeship, and a six-month Mentoring package.

  • Oregon, United States
  • BBA in Business Administration
  • MA in Organizational Management
  • Reiki
  • Theta Healing
Who I Help
  • Empaths
  • Late-diagnosed Neurodivergents
  • Spiritual seekers