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Jessica Buchanan

As Owner of Whole Intentions. I put my clients Heath and Energy above all else. True Intentions Will help you let go of your life and how you thought it be and embrace whatever comes to be.


About Jessica

I have been on a journey to transform my life for 1 year now. I was sick of waking up everyday looking around and asking myself....was this really my life? Was this really where and what I wanted to be at age 35. But as soon as I learned to let go of my angry my attachment and let go of control and to truly embrace myself and love myself. Transformation started.

I started with Self Love. See, Self Awareness is what happened when I notice I was empty inside. That I was missing something. That life had to offer so much more and that I was worth so much more. With Self Love came everything else I needed. Everything I was missing. Which was nothing. I had everything I needed but my fight to control everything had me thinking otherwise.

Now I help people everyday become Self Aware and show them the proper tools they need to truly Love them selfs again. With the power of Self care your love for self becones stronger and your confidence becomes heightened and with your true power of letting go and letting things be as they are in whatever moment you are in. You will have a better life.You will be happy and at peace with your self.

I love helping others. I do not follow a strick teaching plan as most coaches. You will have 20 coaches given 20 people the same assignments over and over again and it only actually helped two people that's because everyone is different everyone has different needs different values different backgrounds . I wont tell you to follow alspecific order of things in order to accomplish your goals. . Your journey is your journey and everyone is different . Everyone and everything is always changing and evolving. What works for some, won't work for others. . So After our first session I will set up a plan. I will lay out assessments and goals to help you reach what you want out of life. I will help you discover who you are...what you want.... and give you tools on how to get there.
If you would like to see my pricing plans send me a email and we can set up a session.
I offer Virtual Coaching, Reiki Healing, Spiritual Healing. Healing Meditation. Anxiety /Stress relief with Reikie or Meditation.
AND LIGHT Energy Cleanse/Aura Protection .

I can't wait to help you Heal, Releasse and Discover how to better yourself, acxomplish your goals and truley Love yourself.

I feel that if we all Strived to better ourselves we would be doing a great service for the next generation.
That we made or took the steps to try to make the world a little better for them . A world of LOVE and PEACE.

  • Georgia, United States
  • Certified Confidence Coach
  • Certified Homoeopathy
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Reiki Master
  • Certified Self Love Coach
  • Certified Stress Management