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About Ashley

At the peak of my musical career as an internationally lauded, award-winning concert cellist, performing with the esteemed Chicago Symphony, Boston Symphony, Miami City Ballet, Juilliard String Quartet, International Contemporary Ensemble of Chicago, and Yo-Yo Ma… I felt a calling to give even more.

With only a dream and a vision in my mind's eye, I decided to rethink my approach to my music. By focusing on only those performances I’m truly passionate about and fulfilled by, a space in my life opened that gave me time to pursue a completely new way of healing and connecting with people.

What followed was a profound journey of connecting with my true self and helping others to do the same.

Starting from the inside, I specialize in self-motivation, self-worth, spiritual growth, personal development, positive thinking, grief, trauma, and anxiety. Through this transformative internal journey of self-love and compassion, external results naturally begin to unfold. By tapping into my deep arsenal of 35 years of experience, strategies, and expertise, I work with my students to develop sustainable, actionable plans that take them within and empower them to achieve their deepest desires.

I'm not just here to teach you. I'm here to help you teach yourself. If you're ready to work, have fun, and find yourself, get in touch with me today and let’s begin shaping your bold, new narrative.

  • Florida, United States
  • Certified Associate Coach
Who I Help
  • couples
  • women