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About Mikeala

I was once a single married mom. Yeah that sounds weird… my now ex-husband abandoned me and my twins. It was complicated and being post partum did not help at all. I went through situations that felt like a never ending hurricane season. I know what it’s like to be in a bad relationship, to question your existence, to second guess your ability to be a good mom.

I’m Mikeala Grant, Life Coach for busy working moms. I help moms that are overwhelmed to navigate motherhood, get unstuck and feel better.
As a new mom of twins, I was so scared to make any decisions for fear that they were the wrong ones. Everyone was telling me what I "should" be doing. No one asked me how I felt. I felt that I lacked the strength to stand up for myself and what I believed to be best for my family. I lacked the confidence to make the decisions that needed to be made.

If this sounds familiar, if you’re overwhelmed with life and feel like you don’t spend quality time with your kids, I want to help. Let’s talk!

  • Florida, United States
  • Certified Biblical Life Coach
  • Certified Breakthrough Life Coach
Who I Help
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