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About Jill

Hello, as a relationship coach for the over 50’s, I am primed to deal with the many challenges faced by those over 50, being well over 50 myself, and like you, have experienced the many ups and downs and emotional fall-outs along the way. Combine this with my training, skills and vast experience of the last twenty years I will do all I can to help you reach the place you would like to be.

I will help you learn more about yourself, your hidden subconscious that may be driving you in certain directions or responses, past emotional roadblocks, attachment style, divorce healing, healing after the loss of a spouse or partner, to emotional intimacy, romantic perceptions, and if single, partner selection process's or attracting the wrong partners leading you to the same end result. I will also help you digest and close periods in your life that might be affecting you. Ultimately my goal is to help you onto a clearer path with increased positivity to move forward.

I work with women who are post divorce or widowed where their lives no longer resemble the comfort and security they once had. My coaching is warm and confidential, yet straight forward where I hope to inspire and help you unlock new ways of approaching your relationships. Over 50, is a time when many relationship challenges crop up in our lives, including divorce or becoming widowed. Equally, I understand that single women over 50 have their challenges too, sometimes having been career focused for decades or a long term carer where your personal life has been on the back burner.

People don’t always want to share their difficulties or intimate feelings with family and friends, in fear it may alter their relationship or upset family or friends too much. I understand this and offer a listening ear so you can express yourself without judgement or fear. There are always various reasons people hit an emotional wall mid life, divorce or being widowed is only but a couple of them, perhaps your past relationships have always led to the same result,where you ride an emotional roller-coaster, or you had a difficult childhood causing trust and communication issues.

I am warm, compassionate and love to help women and provide a safe and confidential coaching medium for you to talk and share whatever you feel. I will listen to you without judgement, and provide challenging questions, exercises, revealing questionnaires when the time is right, to ignite and open up new thought patterns to help you grow and become more self aware and communicate your feelings confidently. My goal is to empower you to bring about the change you want.

TRAINING: Relationship Coaching - Relationship Vision, Relationship Communication Skills, Setting Healthy Dating Patterns, Relationship Recovery, Pre-Relationship goal and Alignment values, Handling Divorce, Post- Divorce Healing and Recovery, Widow Healing and Recovery

TRAINING: Personal Vision, Core Value Based Relationship Goal Setting, Expressing and Managing Emotions, Relationship Conflict, Setting Healthy Relationship Boundaries.

IAC International Association Coaching (REG) 2013
Dip.Couns Birmingham Open College 2013
Eq-I Diploma 2013
BSY: Introduction to Psychology (Part 1-3)
AMSPAR - Diploma in Primary Health Care Management
AMSPAR (DPCHM level 5) Issuing authority AMSPAR September 1986 No Expiration
Selected 2015 as one of the TOP TEN UK Relationship Coaches for the over 40s

I work through phone consultations, Skype, Zoom or even email enabling clients to receive coaching or advice from the comfort and security of their own home Although UK based I can offer coaching to English speaking clients globally. I look forward to working with you.

  • United Kingdom
  • AMSPAR level 5
  • Certified Relationship Expert
  • Dip.Couns 2013
  • Eq-I Dip 2013
  • Top 10 UK Relationship Coach 2015
Who I Help
  • Coaching for women over 50
  • Relationship Advice for Women
  • Relationship Coaching for Women
  • Relationship Core Value Alignment
  • Setting Healthy Relationship Boundaries
  • Single Women over 50 Date Coaching
  • Women over 50 Widowed
  • Women Post-Divorce Coaching
  • Women Pre-Relationship Coaching