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About Maria

Coaching and inner exploration for digital nomads, travelers, and expats

While living a nomad or expat life can be exciting, it's not always smooth sailing. As an expat and traveler myself, I get it!

I'm a lifelong traveler with a passion for exploring new places, ideas, and ways of being, so I know the joys and challenges of expat and nomadic life. As an awareness-oriented and compassion-based practitioner, I offer deep listening and empathy, often incorporating mindfulness practices to help my clients cultivate non-judgmental awareness of present-moment experience. This awareness can help create space for freedom, learning, growth, and transformation.

  • Mexico
  • Certifcate Advanced Life Coaching Institute
  • Certificate Compassion Based Pyschotherapy
  • Phd, Conflict Resolution
  • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Who I Help
  • anyone
  • Digital nomads, travelers, and expats