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Esperansita Bejnarowicz

I'm here to help! (Narrative Trauma Care Story Work & Life Coach)


About Esperansita

Hello, my name is Esperansita!

With over the 24yrs+ experience in Corporate America as an Engineer and Marketer, coupled with my Life Coach and Narrative Focused Trauma Care training, I can help create a safe space for you to share your story & discover new ways to move towards personal growth, goodness & healing.

I offer Individual and Group Story Work, Life Coaching and Group Business Coaching.

As your Life Coach, I will partner with you to move you closer to where you want to be, by helping you clarify your goals and process the situations and challenges you are facing as well
as the opportunities currently available to you. Through active listening, I will help surface limiting beliefs and stimulate new awareness through thought-provoking questions that help you to discover new mindsets and pathways to navigate your journey.

As your Story Coach, I will bear witness to your story and hold it with honor, offering you safe
and compassionate care. I will help you engage the wholeness of your story, both the
brokenness and the beauty. By naming and holding your stories of harm with honor and truth, you can pour life into the dry and thirsty places of your soul, allowing you to reconnect to others and God, giving way to life-giving transformation and healing.

In my own personal journey, it was with the help of others that I was able to process my life, story by story and turn the harmful coping mechanisms and negative self-talk in my life, into patterns of honor and care for my body, heart and soul!

Now, I’m here to help do the same for you. For inquiries email: [email protected]
or visit to schedule a Discovery Call.

  • Michigan, United States
  • Core Essentials Coach - Coach U, Inc.
  • Level III - Narrative Focused Trauma Care Training - The Allender Center
  • Licensed Facilitator of Coach U Coaching Clinic TM
  • Third Culture Kid Debriefing - TCK Training
Who I Help
  • Anyone looking to process their past to move forward in their present and future
  • Anyone struggling to reconcile their past and present
  • Anyone who needs a safe place to process their childhood
  • People raised or currently in Church Ministry looking to heal their past
  • Professionals at any level
  • Professionals looking to clarify your goals, current situation and challenges
  • Seeking personal transformation, career growth or stepping into something new