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About Francine

Christian, Mother, Author, Certified Transformation Coach, Entrepreneur & Content Creator

I am the product of God's intervention in a revolving door of self-doubt.
From making bad decisions in a state of low self-esteem to standing in my God-given talents.

At my core, I have always known that my purpose is to empower and uplift people.
This is intrinsically tied to my mission because it makes me feel fulfilled and gives a strong sense of gratification. I have always found a way to form support groups, from women's groups in my church to a non-profit organization I created for victims of domestic violence. I am constantly striving to embody the love I needed as a teen and I am committed to nurturing your spirit to a place of wholeness.

As a teenage mother, and survivor of domestic, emotional, and sexual abuse, I know too well the feeling of being ostracized, neglected, and not being “enough”. I have the capacity to understand and empathize with my client's experiences. I'm able to mentor and coach with proficiency and solicitude.

I have had to overcome many hardships and would have wanted someone to hold my hand.

So let me help you not only navigate life, but how to create the life you'll enjoy and deserve to live.

  • Canada
  • Certified Life Coaching
Who I Help
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Leaders
  • Mature Women
  • Men
  • Teenagers
  • Women