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About Jan

My heart and mind are anchored on Christ. Being anchored in Christ keeps me centered and grounded in any situation. Being anchored in Christ holds me steady and solid as I help others work through their challenges on the way to achieving their goals and the life God wants them to live.

I’m also inspired by Jack Canfield’s Success Principles – Getting From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be” and Norman Vincent Peale’s “The Power of Positive Thinking” I discovered that one never needs to be defeated by anything. In other words, LIFE can be full of joy and satisfaction.

Having spent many years working with organizations going through strategic change, I’ve had the opportunity ​​to see life from many different perspectives. I’ve worked with individuals who welcomed change and those that felt everyone else should change. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to encourage and inspire people to stay the course and work through the changes. I have been an avid supporter of helping organizations and individuals find their solutions.

Part consultant, part coach — I ask probing questions designed to help you dig deep, but also give expert advice, guiding you to the answers you seek. I am skillful at guiding clients to successful results through motivation and encouragement, but without judgment. I offer an opportunity to brainstorm AND problem-solve, in a safe and supportive environment, BUT will also give you a (gentle) kick-in-the-pants when you need it. ​

  • Wyoming, United States
  • Certified Christian Life Coach
  • Certified Polarity Thinking
  • Certified Project Management Professional
  • Certified Success Principles Trainer
  • Ordained Minister
Who I Help
  • Women (Christian believers and non-believers)
  • Young Female Adults (Christian believers and non-believers)