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About Cheryl

I am an all encompassing Life Coach with a niche and experience in Addiction Recovery. I grew up in a blended and broken home. There were a lot of incidences and life moments that broke me. I never learned how to cope. I turned to drugs and alcohol for many years. Creating and having many more situations in my life. I finally surrendered, I entered detox in April 1998. I spent the next two years on that rollercoaster not knowing how to handle life on life's terms. January 7, 2000 was the beginning of the end. I realized I could not do it. If left to my own devices, I would surely die. I had to let go of control, of everything. I needed help. There were many steps along the way, some joyful and some painful. The healing process through grief, abandonment, rejection, failure, relationships, etc brought me to where I am today. I truly know who I am, I love myself and can love others in a healthy way. Let me walk with you on your journey to freedom!

  • Canada