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About Gregory

I’m Gregory Diehl, a business and personal development author with more than ten years of global mentorship and coaching experience. One of my latest books, The Heroic and Exceptional Minority: A Guide to Mythological Self-Awareness and Growth, addresses challenges to personal growth and lifestyle faced by people who don’t fit into society’s narrative and mold. Another, Everyone Is an Entrepreneur, helps ordinary people embrace personal and economic freedom by learning to see the world entrepreneurially.

My mentorship is unique, direct, and powerful. I am not shy about diving deep into the realms of philosophical discussions, starting engaging debates, asking insightful questions, and fostering critical thinking and active participation to help my clients discover who they are and embody their values better. My goal is to provide a stimulating environment where people can be guided and challenged into profound new levels of personal growth.

I know that developing as a person goes beyond pumping yourself up with platitudes and generic advice—it involves understanding yourself at the deepest possible level. You have to learn to express and embody what matters most to you. That is the tactical guidance I promise you. Beyond aspects of your personal development, we will cover specific areas of goals and limitations you find most interesting or meaningful. I tailor the content of our sessions to ability, age, personal background, and preferences.

I have more than ten years of coaching and mentorship experience in several countries around the world, including East Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America. I am World Coach Institute certified and incredibly well-read on psychology and the development of personality. The way we think, communicate, and define ourselves is my passion. I like to work with clients who have reached an intermediate or advanced state of personal growth and want to break through to higher levels but feel frustrated that few coaches and mentors can help them excel further.

  • California, United States
  • World Coach Institute Certified Professional Coach (CPC)