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About Lori

I came to coaching after a 10-year career in sales, followed by a 10-year career in content marketing. Along the way, I worked for and with international companies, small family businesses, and several start-ups. After having spent 20 years of my career telling other people’s inspiring stories, I vowed to empower people to craft their own—particularly in midlife when they think their story has already been written in stone. Coaching is great for that!

I believe life is meant to be an adventure, pushing us to grow, expand and find joy. When we embrace courageous living, amazing things can happen.

At midlife, some of us realize that we may be living a life that no longer resonates. Some people call this a midlife crisis or in Brené Brown’s words, “a midlife unraveling,” but it could also be less dramatic than that. Whether we have fallen asleep at the wheel in our personal or professional lives, been busy chasing the false promises of societal conventions, or are hungry for something more, it’s normal to reassess, reprioritize, and make new promises for our future. Fortunately, this moment in time offers us the opportunity to change the rules of the game and rewrite our story. Whatever the catalyst, a shake-up and refocus can be the recipe we need to make the second half of our lives extraordinary.

My mission is to help professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs create lives of freedom, adventure and choice. For those stuck in the indecision, fear, and overwhelm of stepping off the beaten path, we’ll tackle your big changes together, help you understand your priorities and decode self-doubt to build clarity, confidence and fulfillment.

I promise to challenge you to think big, face your fears and live courageously!

  • California, United States
  • Associate Certified Coach
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
Who I Help
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Givers & people-pleasers
  • leaders
  • Mildifers
  • professionals