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About Dulani

I help clients discover the ways they have given up their authenticity, goals and mind to appease others. I am blessed to help people rediscover and nurture a deep appreciation & love for themselves and create a life they love living using the Universal Laws. I work primarily with LGBTQ+ individuals and those healing from church/religious related traumas.

I have found for myself and for the people I have worked with that many of us feel victimized by others, or even by life itself. These people have either tried to roll with it or rebel against it with limited success either way. Living as a Black, Gay man, I have felt victimized by the church, the black community and society at large. Feeling like this makes it hard to even want to continue to live.

My journey led me out of the church and into a deep understanding of and love for God. This understanding helped me learn how life works, how to love myself, and how to trust the presence of the Divine in my life to help me own my space in the world, live authentically and create true success.

I am called to help others, especially LGBTQ+ individuals, take back the power and joy of being able to feel deeply loved while living authentically, audaciously and passionately. Using one-on-one coaching and group programs I help my clients discover, heal and release any shame or guilt and create empowering self-images that allow them to love themselves and live as audaciously as they desire.

  • Maryland, United States
  • Certified Life Coach
Who I Help
  • African American
  • Gay
  • LGBT