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About Anand

I was into consulting from the beginning of my career in 2001. After few years of experience in the field of sales and customer service, I started consulting as my full time career. In the initial days, it was free consulting to friends, relatives and friends of friends. From last many years it has become my passion to help and resolve the issues of all those who approached me.

I have decided to take it to the next level and to start online services from April 2023. Hope to help, guide those in need and bring peace of mind and positivity to each and everyone in this precious life. I am a certified and expert professional in Life Coaching.

Listening to everyone very patiently was one my favorite hobbies through out my life, I like to motivate and guide everyone who approaches me. I want everyone to experience core happiness in their mind through out their life.

My personal life was full of challenges in many aspects, which helped me understand life better, in a hard way. My interpersonal skills and problem solving ability also motivated me to take up this profession.
I am certified and expert professionals in Life Coaching and the clients can avail an initial free consultation, if they want to check out my Skills, Experience and Knowledge and if they are satisfied they can choose to enrol for the coaching.

Anyone can avail my services online or remotely or one to one meet as per their choice. If it is a place decided by the client, then the travelling cost and the venue cost should be taken care by the client.

  • India