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About Ruchi

Hi! I have been an educator for over sixteen years and a Special Educator for eight years. Seeing neurodiverse students struggle in a system that is organized around ableism, bothered me, and I was inspired to become a Special Education teacher who has worked with students with different abilities and has also helped their families navigate the challenges of raising and educating children with learn differently. The experience of teaching from the elementary level to the High School level has allowed me to learn about the gifts and daily challenges of the children and their families, leading me to use, learn, and devise strategies to support them in their learning process.

The whole process of teaching and learning has taught me that it all boils down to our mindset and how simple shifts in our thinking can create powerful results. The Life Coaching training has given me the tools and techniques to create results for my clients and empower them to transform their lives and experience life in an all-new, exhilarating way.

  • California, United States
Who I Help
  • Anyone needing support in making a positive shifts in their lives
  • Families who need help with positive parenting strategies
  • Families who need support in supporting children with with ADHD/Autism/Dyslexia
  • Students of any age