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About Milca

* Rewire, Bounce Back & Grow *

Welcome Humans,
I made it my mission to get you out of your limbo: Take my virtual hand & together, let’s get you going!
I am a wellness professional who trained with the Jay Shetty School, certified by the AC (Association for Coaching). Using Agape ε Philautia as a vessel, I provide Life Strategy Coaching.

I help grieving, unfulfilled, or overwhelmed Souls gain Clarity & Rewire their Mindset so they can Bounce back from challenging Life experiences & build a brighter Future. 

Get ready to embrace Life’s many possibilities.
Let’s work together and uncover who you truly are. We will give you the tools to overcome challenges and intentionally navigate through Life.

We will accelerate your learning curve to help you reach your goals and vision of success.
Heal from the Past, Focus on the Present & Shape Tomorrow.

  • United Kingdom
  • HR University - Diversity & Inclusion Professional
  • Jay Shetty Certification School - Certified Life & Success Coach
Who I Help
  • Anyone aspiring to a positive change in their life.
  • Couples
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Expatriates
  • Individuals