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Liz Rossilli

Sales Savvy - Let's Plan Your Sales Success Together


About Liz

I come from a family of entrepreneurs. As a teen back on the shores of Cape Cod I learned from the best — my dad. He was an inventor. If he saw a need, he'd find a way to solve it. He taught me how to think outside the box, to support others and how to sell like your mortgage depends on it.

28 years and 8 businesses later, I’ve sold everything from $40 jewelry out of the trunk of my car to $1M in pens. I’ve become a sales ninja — approaching problems from every angle. More importantly though, I have mastered building the lasting, authentic relationships that bring in regular, reliable sales and create lifelong connections. And now my joy is to share that learning with you.

My "why" is watching you succeed. I believe in my clients and their dreams. I help them achieve big things and am there at the finish line to celebrate when they do. Moreover, I appreciate their journey because I’ve walked it myself.

I love this work because it’s not only about guiding entrepreneurs but celebrating their wins along the way. Being in business can be lonely – but it doesn’t have to be, if we work together.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by sales, marketing, or pressure that you’ve got to be everywhere on social media getting your message out there, I can help you make sense of things. Set a complimentary consultation with me on my website ( or reach me here on LinkedIn. Together, we can plan your sales success.

  • North Carolina, United States
Who I Help
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales Teams
  • Small Business Owners