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About Kristine

My name is Kristine and I have my masters in professional counseling and I am certified in Reiki II. My educational and professional experiences have led me in the direction of life coaching, especially as it pertains to personal/spiritual development. If you have been through a "dark night of the soul", can't find your sense of purpose, feeling a need to move on from people or jobs, restless and impatient, I am here to help. I strongly believe in meeting people where they are at, but also challenging them to grow even when it is hard. All the tools you need are inside of you, I am just here to help you discover and apply them. I have experience working as a mental health therapist in clinical and educational settings, community centers and private practice.

If you have had therapy before and are looking for a more solution focused support with therapeutic and spiritual elements (art, journaling, reiki, breath work, crystals), please book a therapeutic life coaching session with me at As Above Wellness. I offer a variety of packages and services all designed to help you align and reflect your true self.

  • Massachusetts, United States
  • MA MHC
  • Reiki II
Who I Help
  • adults in transition periods
  • dark night of the soul
  • feeling sad or depressed
  • feeling stuck or hopeless
  • indecisiveness
  • lack of self care
  • parent
  • single parent
  • young adults