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About Jeff

It starts with the calling: the event(s) in your life that causes upheaval. If there is no struggle in your life, there is no reason to grow – you become stuck in your comfort zone. The crisis is the catalyst of change.

A divine force beyond familiarity means new learning. You become powerful and gain an understanding of life’s mysteries – and you come back older and wiser. We then build a new life for ourselves and the community. We survive.

The warrior has the willingness to step up and face upheaval head-on. It requires great courage, boldness, and the ability to stand tall against those who cast doubt on you.

The warrior’s stance creates a moment of empowerment in the mythic journey of self-awareness and evolution. It leads to receiving a new weapon or skill that is knowledge or understanding. It allows us to build what is needed. New knowledge of self creates something that works better than ever.

People look at their victories and wonder if there was another way they could have arrived without struggling. The answer is no. Surviving struggle means you get stronger and triumph.

  • Canada