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Sharon Jackson

"Let's Turn the Page Together" I help women and wives create a roadmap of healing after sexual betrayal


About Sharon

I help women and betrayed wives create a roadmap of healing that equips and empowers them from being stuck to discovering "The What’s Next” in living their best life yet! Find serenity, restoration, and recovery after infidelity and sexual betrayal. Learn how to move on the journey of healing from the crisis stage of discovery to the final stage of reconnection and transformation.

I’ve been where you are and know how to help you move forward with the next steps on how to have victory over roadblocks that hinder you from achieving new possibilities and life goals.

I discovered life coaching after experiencing betrayal in my marriage that shattered my reality. Everything started to fall into place as I began to find support and safety working with a Christian life coach with a story that sounded like mine. Coaching offered me proven strategies, tools, and education that helped me with rebuilding, reconnection, and restoration in my marriage of 37 years and counting.

The next chapter in my story was to accept the calling of becoming trained as a Christian Life Coach. Now as an Empowerment & Betrayal Recovery Coach with trauma informed training, I can also help you find vision, new awareness, and purpose as you navigate daily living.

Today my redeemed story and life journey is allowing me to be a part of the next wave of coaching women on becoming unstuck and having a new mindset of committing to change and transformation. Being a business entrepreneur of over 20 years, I use proven coaching methods to empower women in setting goals, creating action plans, and reaching new milestones.

The truth is that I have helped many women find the answers that lie within and with coaching find peace, hope, and discovery of the life they were created to live.

  • Ohio, United States
  • Christian Life Coach, APSATS Trauma Informed