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About Sarah

As a former Casting Director, I created the "One-On-Ones" to share with actors the inside view of the casting process. Having been an actor myself, the experience of seeing things from the other side of the casting table inspired me to help actors balance their Business with their Art.

And then I came upon the revolutionary modality of Brainspotting: an actual way to stop talking circles around issues and create real impact for actors, performers, and “creatives” of all kinds.

It has since become my mission to help people clear their blocks, find their flow, and become truly happy and successful artists.

Your life is a framework for you to pursue happiness and meaning. The modality of coaching, at its heart, utilizes questions instead of answers to tackle this mysterious adventure we call life. Together, we’ll expand on your creativity, interrogate any procrastination and self-sabotage that may be dogging you, and find an empowered perspective so you can outgrow those outdated voices that are holding you back.

As your coach, my job is not to heal you or guide you, it’s to set you up for your brain and body to heal itself.

  • Washington, United States