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About Jinan

Are you looking to develop resilience, overcome life's obstacles, and live a
fulfilling life? As a resilience coach, I specialize in using a holistic, mind-
body-heart & soul integrative approach that empowers my clients to
embody the life they want to attain.
Whether it's through neuroplasticity, mindset shifts, movement, breath
work, tapping or meditation, I work with my clients to develop the resilience
they need to thrive thru life's challenges with grace, strength, and joy.
Together, we co-create the path to your desired future, discovering and
implementing tools and techniques that support your growth. If you're
ready to harness your inner resilience and take control of your life, let's
cogenerate an unstoppable journey that leads to your ultimate best lived

  • California, United States
Who I Help
  • People experiencing medical and health challenges, specifically chronic pain
  • People implementing big life changes and transitions
  • People looking to grow and attain diverse set of goals