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Mahshad Aryafar

I care about you finding the clarity of your inner knowing amongst the loud competing noises outside.


About Mahshad

My name is Mahshad, and I am a curious human, Integral Professional Coachâ„¢, and Registered Psychotherapist.

I believe we are here to grow, evolve, expand, and be of service to the larger whole in their own authentic way. I believe that when we are at our best, we are not only fulfilled, we become joyful contributors to the larger story of life.

For the past decade, I've supported my clients to lead self-authored, joyful lives, transforming their inner knowing into a dynamic relationship with their lives.

Throughout our work together, we use inner clarity as a compass and create a map of transformation; a path toward what you deeply desire. Over a series of conversations, we learn about what inspires you to grow, what factors are limiting you, and what new possibilities lie ahead. You get unstuck and move toward what deeply matters.

Let's get you writing your story, in your life, no matter where you are on this beautiful planet.

  • Canada
  • Integral Professional Coachâ„¢
  • Registered Psychotherapist
Who I Help
  • adults
  • Creatives
  • Moving through life transitions
  • Psychedelic journey integration
  • Young adults