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Shama Akram

You never know how much you need me till you meet me


About Shama

I am a UK based Lifestyle Coach specialising in confidence and accountability. With my background in sciences, a variety of hidden talents and bespoke coaching methods, I don't believe one program should fit all. My experience in working with people from all backgrounds means I can understand the challenges and personal obstacles they face regularly.
I am very passionate about helping my clients reach their goals in order to help them create a more fulfilling life. My coaching method has been described as raw and dynamic, making it perfect for those struggling with ADHD, depression, self esteem, stress, and many other related difficulties.
As a life coach, I have the privilege of helping people navigate the ups and downs of their lives. From setting goals to overcoming obstacles, witnessing their personal growth is incredibly rewarding. In addition, I also need somewhere to channel my excessive energies and have pure unadulterated fun, so I enjoy dancing immensely and I choreograph weddings on the side.
Life Coaching and Dance Choreography might seem like two unrelated choices, but just imagine this! You and your wedding party are nervous and excited to light up the dance floor on the special day. As your Choreographer, I get to sprinkle some magic into your performances. With every step, I see your joy multiplied and your confidence soar, so it's effectively coaching confidence through movement.
Combining both together allows me to infuse personal growth into dance routines. I will encourage you to step out of your comfort zones, and these lessons mirror the challenges of life, while creating a beautiful dance performance.

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