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Stephanie J. Marshall

Life & Mindset Alignment Coach for Women


About Stephanie J.

Align your day-to-day thinking and decisions with who you want to be to create a bolder, more intentional, and satisfying life.

Kickstartology Life and Mindset Alignment Coaching is rooted in the Alignment Framework, which integrates the best of life coaching and mindset coaching.

We offer online group coaching for women as well as personal coaching.

Living in alignment means feeling alive, connected, and engaged.

It’s not about perfection or being happy all the time, when you’re aligned you feel satisfied and in control, and you’re able to handle the unexpected and the inevitable ups and downs.

You will be able to deeply enjoy what’s already good in your life, while also looking forward to and building what’s next.

Living in alignment means taking care of all of the parts of your life and making them work together

Your career
Your family, friends, community
Growth and skill mastery
Healthy habits
Having fun

You've got this, we've got your back.

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