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About Dr Dan

As a holder of a doctoral degree specializing in Organizational Psychology and Communication, with a minor in Quantum Physics, my passion lies in providing assistance and support to those in need. Serving as a therapist has always felt like a calling to me, and my strength lies in understanding and empathizing with others and their challenges.

I possess the ability to sense and comprehend the pain and sadness of individuals. Recognizing the impact my presence can have on someone's life is a source of motivation for me. My unwavering love for learning is evident, as I actively seek answers when faced with questions. I approach things with a curious nature, never accepting them at face value, and persistently working until I find solutions to complex problems.

This pursuit of knowledge and the desire to help others has become my ultimate quest for happiness. I firmly believe in living life to its fullest, not just partially. Despite the daily challenges we encounter, it's crucial to prioritize our mental health over mundane concerns. Often, in the midst of our struggles, we lose sight of what is truly essential for our well-being.

I advocate for a daily commitment to self-improvement and gratitude. It's vital to appreciate what we already have and express gratitude to a higher power regularly. Even in moments when blessings may not feel apparent, acknowledging them helps cultivate a positive perspective. I emphasize the importance of avoiding entitlement, as it can lead to a detrimental mindset. Remaining grateful and humble is key to maintaining mental and emotional well-being.

  • Maryland, United States
  • Cognitive Behavior Psychotherapy Practitioner
  • International certified coach certification
  • Neuro_linguistic Programming Practitioner