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Madjeen Lorthe

Navigate Your Next Career or Life Transition With Confidence


About Madjeen

Hello, I’m Madjeen. As a career and life transition coach based in Boston, I specialize in guiding women of color through significant changes with confidence and ease.

Drawing from my rich experience in leadership within the nonprofit sector, I've developed a deep understanding of the importance of aligning one's professional path with their personal values. I provide a nurturing environment for self-discovery and harnessing resilience, ensuring that as a woman of color, you can effectively manage both your professional ambitions and personal goals, while also prioritizing your wellbeing amidst the intricacies of your cultural identity, societal expectations, and systemic barriers.

If you're a woman of color facing a crossroads in your life or career and looking for guidance to make your next big move, my coaching is designed for you. My commitment is to guide you through your transitions, acknowledging the entirety of your experiences and the unique challenges you face. I’m here to support your journey to a life and career filled with fulfillment and success, defined on your terms.

  • Massachusetts, United States
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services
  • Certified Life Coach (ICF -ACC)
  • Master of Education in Psychological Studies
Who I Help
  • black women
  • entrepreneurs
  • women of color