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About Hannah

If you've spent a lifetime telling yourself you'll take that trip, date, buy the outfit, launch the business, have the sex, or a million other things...once you lose weight...then I'm here for you.

I've been there, putting living off until I lose weight. And I'm sorry to tell you, but, even when I did lose weight, I didn't feel better about doing those things, I didn't keep the weight off and it didn't make me happy.

Now, I'm fat and I'm living life. I'm doing all the things I told myself I couldn't do until I lost weight. And I'm actually enjoying them, without worrying about my body, or other peoples judgement, or feeling like I failed because I don't look like a 90s supermodel.

Whether you want to find a new way to lose weight, that isn't about bullying yourself and making everything rely on how you look, or you want to ditch dieting altogether and find another way - that actually works - to be happy and stop worrying about your body, I'm your girl.

I'll help you accept the body you're in, separate your body from your value and ability to do everything you want, stop judging yourself and feel empowered to walk into any room like you belong there.

  • United Kingdom
Who I Help
  • People who want to lose weight
  • Women