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Stephen Bradshaw

Online Relationship Coach offering science-based solutions


About Stephen

I'm an Online Relationship Coach with over 1,000 hours of couples coaching experience. What I've learned is that we often search for fulfilment by achieving targets, obtaining things or earning money, but it’s actually our close relationships that offer us the greatest feeling of happiness. What better way could I feel more personally fulfilled than by helping couples massively improve their relationship, for the benefit of them and those around them.

Maybe you have found your way here because you want to rebuild the trust and connection in your relationship. Or, you're fed up with the conflict or lack of communication and you can’t seem to stop repeating the same pattern of arguments.

You want to be able to get that excitement back, like when you first met. You want to understand your partner more clearly and be better understood. You want to have more intimacy and affection so you can start planning for a happy future together again.

If you’re a couple wanting to get things back on track or just one half of the relationship… Either way, I can help you.

My primary aim is to provide you with the tools you need to develop and maintain a healthy relationship. My style is a balance between education and empowerment, centred around the 3 pillars of Identity, Behaviour and Connection. Coaching calls are usually via Zoom video so this allows you to find a quiet space where they feel comfortable and relaxed. Evening appointments are sometimes available until 9pm.

Trained by The Coaching Academy, Leeds Metropolitan University, The Brain Academy and a published author of Mindset Dad, I have over 20 years of skills, qualifications and experience to apply. In a healthy 17 year relationship myself, with two young children, I know the challenges life can bring in terms of finding balance alongside a busy career and the shift in identity we face through different stages of our lives.

People often feel nervous reaching out for relationship support. Think of it as giving yourself an opportunity to make long-lasting changes to your life. It won’t be as scary as you think.

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Who I Help
  • Couples
  • Individuals in relationships