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Is this you?
✅You've been labelled as shy or highly sensitive, especially when you were a kid
✅You love people and meaningful conversation, and professionally, you may be outgoing, but you can get overwhelmed in groups and tend to shut down -- and then you require lots of alone-time in order to refuel and re-engage
✅You don't like small-talk and would rather observe in groups than share especially if you don’t know the people well.
✅You enjoy 1-on-1 chats but you "go quiet" if someone else joins in. You dislike being made to talk in a group setting.
✅You know you need to recharge your energy after hanging out with people, whether at work or socially, but you lack the time or space (or tools) necessary for the solitude and reflection you need
✅You may have a tendency to over-share to compensate for your social awkwardness.
✅You feel like no one really knows or sees the real you - you even feel invisible at times.
✅You struggle with balance in life, and you experience anxiety and exhaustion (possibly even burnout)
✅You may feel stuck, can't see the road ahead, and you keep looking outside of yourself for answers and solutions
✅You lack focus, consistency, self-discipline...and purpose
✅You know your values and how you want to live your life, but because you've been operating in survival mode and compromised yourself for so long, you sometimes refer to yourself as a "professional extrovert" or "social recluse" to describe how you've adapted to living in the world
✅You're unsure about how to set boundaries so that the unique way that you process things internally are honored or met
✅You need time to yourself to re-energize and reboot and also to integrate what you learn
✅Your hypersensitivity can help you in interacting with clients, but it also means you take in a lot. Plus you care so deeply, you can get overloaded and become emotionally or energetically tired.
✅You feel overwhelmed and anxious about where your next project or client will come from

Congratulations. You're an Introvert.

And you're living your life, at least part of the time, as a misaligned extrovert.

Why? Because you've been conditioned. It's not your fault, it's just that your parents (and grandparents), your school or work environment, your peers, social media, marketing messaging...all reinforce the belief that you SHOULD be outgoing, extroverted, energetic, engaged, and happy & cheerful, all the time.

Here's the thing.

You're not broken.

There is a deep power inside you if you’re not forced to do the things that don’t honor your Introverted-ness and instead allowed to operate in YOUR way.

You know you have superpowers inside you, but you're unclear what they are anymore, and so you don't know how to tap into them.

You are certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have important work to do, but you're lost and you don't know where to start (or what to do next).

Plus you're exhausted from the anxiety and Imposter Syndrome you experience, and so you're unable to achieve your dreams.

Well it's time for you to step into your “Introverted Intelligence” and to finally allow your wisdom and your brilliance to shine.

It's time for you to stop surviving in an extroverted world and to thrive by expressing your gentle, unique gifts.

It's time for you to reveal your genius.

I’ve been on this journey too. I know it intimately. I’ve been the one standing right where you are.

I put on a “brave extrovert” face day in and day out for nearly two decades of my life - and I know what the long-term affects are: exhaustion, relationship break-down, burn out…I know what years of compromising yourself looks like and feels like. It’s devastating.

I lost touch with who I truly was. I undermined my core values. I reached a point where I was physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually compromised. All the relationships with the people I loved were suffering or in shambles.

While I was professionally very successful, inside I was a shell. **I was completely and utterly burned out.** I'd been on a seemingly endless treadmill, and the drudgery of life had dimmed my light. I felt completely broken and invisible.

But guess what?

I healed myself.

I learned many tools and techniques to rebuild my energy, and to make it sustainable for me.

Then I realized I was designed -- compelled -- to help others. And so I learned how to coach.

I also learned a system called Human Design.

This technological system that combines ancient wisdom and quantum physics helps to inform how I coach. Human design, and the energetic blueprint it generates for each individual, allows my clients to really unfold into who they authentically are.

The women Introverts that I've been fortunate to serve as a coach share with me that they've been given permission to finally be (seen as) themselves, often for the first time.

So I know the secret to aligning to yourself and to your authenticity again. I know how to call you back home to yourself…so that all parts of you are whole again and are held, honored and sustained.

I know you can be healed, and I'm here to show you how.

Introverted women entrepreneurs hire me to understand how they’re actually wired, how to operate with clarity and in connection to their True Selves, and how to unleash their superpowers, because most are overwhelmed, exhausted and feel invisible, and so I help reveal, align, and magnetize you to your purpose and passion so you can do your most important work and be your best self in life, in business and in relationships.

Bottom line? When you’re aligned, you’re an abundance magnet and the right people and the right opportunities show up so you can live your best life.

Who am I? I’m an introvert by every definition of the word, so I know the struggles of introverts and how sensitive we can be to being overloaded and overwhelmed. In fact I’ve been through one of the most extreme and utter burnouts. Again, it was a complete physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional breakdown - and so I’ve learned how to heal burnout and protect your precious energy by applying — and teaching you — some of the most highly effective subtle-body, somatic calibration, and coaching techniques. For nearly 20 years, I was a highly successful entrepreneur and business pro - I single-handedly generated $42 million for myself, my employers and my clients and I even won a lot of prestigious awards. Finally I’m a certified coach, a certified human design specialist and a Gene Keys Guide, so I know how to read and interpret your energetic blueprint and translate it into a set of workable strategies that are fully aligned to you and that tap into your superpowers so that you embody the courage of your own convictions AND you also have the tools and sustainable resources so that you can tackle the most important work of your life with clarity, vitality and passion.

How do I help? I take you, the Introverted Woman Entrepreneur…**The Queentrovert**…on a heart-centered journey from burnout, anxiety and overwhelm to clarity, sustainability and vitality. I will provide you with a system of simple strategies and reliable processes to help you get massive traction on your most important work.

You are at a point in your journey where change is needed.

This is not a time to cling to the past. It’s time to release what is no longer serving you and allow the change to transform you into the most abundant, most aligned version of yourself.

Remember: all change in your life starts with you.

If you want to see your life, your business, your finances—or any form of abundance—change, then you must be willing to welcome change on a deep and personal level.

I’m here for you. It’s my honor to be your guide you on this journey.

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