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Julie Kestenbaum

Life After Divorce- An Opportunity to Create the Life You Have Dreamed Of and Thrive.


About Julie

Divorce alters everything about how you define yourself. You're not married; you're single. You're not making plans for us; it is just you now. So begins life after divorce.

​It's time to recover, explore, and reorient your life. Whether you want it or not, your divorce recovery includes a do-over. Working with an objective, experienced transition, and divorce coach will help you move through this process with greater ease and grace.

During this transition phase, you'll renew old dreams and explore new possibilities in virtually every aspect of your life.

However, at the same time, so many unknowns create tremendous amounts of stress, uncertainty, and overwhelm that, when left unchecked, can make you feel stuck.

I understand where you've been. After my divorce, I realized the depth of internal and external change I needed to undergo. It was daunting. But with the help of other credentialed coaches, friends, and family, I wasted less time arriving at a life I love.

The Life RE-imagined one-to-one coaching program will help you move through divorce recovery and help you:

➢ Create a manageable transition strategy.

➢ Reinforce disciplines that help you achieve your goals.

➢ Increase your energy by helping you focus forward.

➢ Prepare for upcoming events and activities to feel confident in unfamiliar situations.

➢ Master decision-making so that second guesses don't consume you.

➢ Develop a success formula that enables you to master this and future transitions, as well as day-to-day life.

It's your time. You're worth the exploration and support. Divorce transition coaching is a pragmatic, forward-focused, thought-provoking, and creative partnership that will inspire you to maximize your potential. Together we will unlock untapped sources of imagination and productivity and open doors to a life you love.

Want to learn more? Schedule a Complimentary 45-minute Let's Talk About Your Future Session here. Send me an [email protected], and we can schedule a time.

  • California, United States
  • Certified Professional Life & Health Coach