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Austin L. Church

Business Coach 👉🏻 I help freelancers find their income-lifestyle sweet spot with the right offers, pricing, and marketing. ✅ better results with less effort ❌ busyness & burnout


About Austin L.

You know how freelance income can be unpredictable? You’re either in a feast or a famine. You’re either too busy and stressed, or you don’t have enough work and money coming in.

Many freelancers resign themselves to riding the rollercoaster. “That’s just the way this business is,” they say with a sigh.

If that answer isn’t good enough for you, then you’re my kind of people.

I don’t mind the occasional roller coaster, but we don’t catch what we don’t pursue.

I show ambitious freelancers how to become smooth operators. The right levers, habits, and beliefs help you accomplish the following with less time and effort wasted:

✅ Zeroing in on what makes you special
✅ Doubling-down in the work that brings you joy
✅ Charging more, more confidently

Really, making great money as a freelancer comes down to CLARITY, CONSISTENCY, and FOCUS.

How consistent are you with your marketing and follow-up?

We can’t outperform our habits, and I have helped dozens of freelancers log their first-biggest-best evers by teaching them what six-figure freelancers already know and do.

The first time I cracked six figures I did it the WRONG WAY—by feeding more and more hours into the machine.

After recovering from burnout, I did it again the RIGHT WAY—by collecting what I call “repeatable, transferable advantages” and using them.

With the right levers a little effort produces outsized results.

A Nice Niche is one such lever. A positioning cheat code and juicy offers are two mores.

You can make the freelance game easier on yourself. But you have to first believe the roller coaster isn’t the only option.

📞 Schedule a 20-minute call with me today. Let’s chat about what you want.

Email me at [email protected] with the subject line “advantages” or DM me here on LinkedIn.

  • Tennessee, United States
Who I Help
  • Consultants
  • Digital Agency Owners
  • Freelancers