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Christine Vak

Here to help you become the best version of true self and build harmonious relationship with people


About Christine

Hello, beautiful soul. My name is Christine. I'm a Certified Transformational Coach and Practicing Psychologist, which means I dig deep, below all the surface-level stuff, to truly transform your deep-rooted thoughts, beliefs, and way of being. I will help help you discover who you really are and become aware of why things are the way they are.

I’ve created a proven system that brings my coachees consistent, predictable results, such as healthy self-esteem, a sense of fulfillment and happiness, harmonious relationships, a strong connection with your soul and body, self-awareness, etc.

Who am I and why I'm so confident in what I teach?

I've had my share of struggles in life - a battle for survival, unhappy marriage, a toxic environment, huge debts, a lack of support system, burnout, stress, and low self-esteem.

But I’ve found the strength to arise from the ashes. Returning to my authentic self has led me to a life filled with everything I could only dream of.

My approach

I don’t give magic pills. I don’t use esoteric techniques. I don’t promise instant solutions since these practices never worked for me.
I’m a 100%-practitioner who will generously share with you all the tools that have helped me elevate my life and become my happiest, most beautiful, and fulfilled self.

Looking forward to going on this exciting journey with you!

  • Hong Kong
  • Certified Transformational Coach
  • ICF Coach
  • Pshychologist
Who I Help
  • Women