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Sara El Haouari

Helping you heal from past emotional wounds, let go of limiting beliefs and connect with your intuition to become your most authentic version of yourself and create the life you dream of!


About Sara

Hello beautiful soul,

I am Sara, a Spiritual Healing Coach & Meditation Teacher living in Malta!

As a child, I grew up in a very chaotic household filled with codependency, mental illness, emotional and financial instability.
A few years ago, I hit rock bottom and was overwhelmed with anxiety and health problems. Crushed by the weight of imposed attitudes and unhealed childhood trauma, I lived in constant stress, while in a toxic relationship and had no idea what my true desires were. I had a very negative outlook on life and at the time it seemed that it would always be that way.

Since then, I started to bring more awareness into my life, to connect deeper with my Soul and my Inner Child and understand all my Ego stories and mechanisms, that allowed me to break through old patterns that were keeping me stuck, connect with my intuition and let it guide me forward with confidence and trust. The change I experienced was better than I could have ever imagined and made me realise that the pain I endured was going to become the purpose of my life!

I founded Healing OM Spiritual Coaching because I felt the need to share how I brought my life from burnout to bliss, so as to empower anyone who feels lost, stuck and unfulfilled to embark on the same path so they can manifest the life of their dreams.

When we are in alignment with our Soul, we are living our life in accordance with our true values and our true selves - not getting muddled up by all the masks that we need to wear.

Alongside coaching I utilise a blend of many modalities that I have studied like mindfulness, chakra balancing or tarot guidance to encourage people to truthfully explore their life, heal on every level (mind, body and spirit) and release any blockages which prevent them from achieving long-term fulfilment and inner peace.

If you are feeling called to take your inner work and life to the next level, I offer a complimentary, obligation-free 30-minute consultation where we can chat and discover what it is you need support with, where you feel unfulfilled, and what it is you are looking for.
Following that, I will make some recommendations and go through what I can offer you that will fit your needs, create shifts and help you to step into a new energy.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Keep on healing,



"I met Sara through a best friend / colleague of mine when I was feeling very emotional and vulnerable. I felt that every step I was making although I was giving in a lot of positivity in each step, nothing seemed to go the way I wished for. I felt like crying and felt very alone, facing all sort of challenges both physically and mentally. Sara was for me the water in the desert, the soft voice of tranquility in my chaotic mind , the light in a long moment of darkness. We connected right away and I felt I have known her all my life, I felt confident and safe in opening up to her on every issue I was dealing with, be it health, marriage, work, being a mother and other challenges. She helped me to ground myself, to learn how to feel safe, to let go of things that weren't helping me, she helped me accept myself just the way I am , to let go of shame, guilt, past mistakes, she helped me connect with my inner child .
I am honest, it's a process which need to be addressed daily, Sara guided me but it is up to me to do the work, and continue doing the work she taught me during the sessions.
I like to take this opportunity to thank Sara for the wonderful help she gives to whom ever reaches out to her, she is indeed one of a kind and her gentle approach makes any one feel safe and at peace." ~ Sylvia

"I came across Sara’s website when I began my recovery from some deeply traumatic experiences. Sara’s positive, yet sympathetic, attitude allowed me to feel at ease and confident enough to know that she was who was going to heal me in ways that other therapies couldn’t. Sara actively listens and tailors her sessions to suit your individual needs. The connection that Sara builds with her clients allows her ability to heal to be incredibly accurate! I must admit, I was a little sceptical after my Tarot reading, however, it wasn’t long before her reading became reality. Sara has changed my life and I am eternally grateful to have such an incredible woman as my spiritual guide and healer." ~Tara

"When I started working with Sara, I was at a low point in my life where I didn't want to do anything anymore. My days were unbalanced and I felt like I wasn’t living my life to the fullest. I was in a constant low mood, afraid to make decisions, I didn't value my person and I believed I wasn’t worthy of big dreams. Sara is a very empathetic and sweet girl. With her professionalism and help, she managed to bring the real Samira to life. She made me understand the importance of having a daily routine and using tools like journaling and the law of attraction. I decided to embark on a path of healing and awakening that allowed my person to evolve. All this with Sara's precious help.
In just 5 months I have completely transformed. I am learning to have a positive mindset, I have started living in the present and accepting it. I feel more confident and believe I have the right to shine. Thank you so much Sara!" ~Samira

  • Malta
  • Certified Life Purpose Coach
  • Certified Meditation Teacher
  • Energy Healing
  • Harmonisation of the Chakras
  • Inner Child Healing
  • My own healing journey
  • Oracle Card Reader
  • Reiki Level 1 Diploma
  • Tarot Card Reader
Who I Help
  • Adults
  • Corporate environment
  • Empaths
  • English speaking
  • Italian speaking
  • Life Transitions
  • Men & Women
  • Organisations
  • People pleasers
  • People who are grieving
  • People who feel lost and want to know their purpose
  • People who need guidance through their spiritual awakening
  • People who wants to live a soul-led life
  • People who want to heal past trauma
  • People who want to love & accept themselves more
  • People with anxiety, burnout, low self confidence
  • Professionals
  • Spiritual Seekers
  • Trauma Survivors